35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 8


Poland / 29:15 / Kuba Januszewski / age: 18

In the morning after a party, Rafał is haunted by a man with a horse’s head. Things get complicated after Rafał’s girlfriend disappears. Reality starts to show its non-euclidean face and the boundaries between reality and fiction slowly blurs.

Wniebowzięcie Miriam z ulicy zimą 1942

Poland / 01:39 / Jędrzej Górski, Mateusz Wyszogrodzki / age: 19

Short film based on a Jerzy Ficowski's poem.

Amusement Park

Poland / 01:08 / uczniowie ZSI nr 71 im. E. Bojanowskiego w Warszawie, pod opieką A. Lubienieckiej, age: 13-16

Let's have a fun!

Stable, sweet stable

Poland / 03:24 / Gaja Sobolewska, Lea Sobolewska, Klara Jakubowska / age: 10

A horse looks for job.


Poland / 01:34 / Joanna Trejter / age: 18

Two houses, two friends, a tree and thousands of letters. A story about an unusual relationship and a nascent feeling.

Hidden Potential

Ireland / 11:07 / Eamonn MacMahon / age: 18

Anthony – an 8-year-old school child struggling with Dyslexia is constantly belittled, ignored and bullied by his classmates, teachers and even school principles. If this continues he faces a life living in the shadows of success. Until, one day someone steps in and changes his life forever. Even though he doesn’t even know it, yet.

Lost Chance 2

Poland / 00:55 / Daniel Kuźniewski / age: 15

Sad thing...


Poland / 01:45 / Julia Jemielita / age: 16

„Who is behind this?” – very often we’re asking such a question. We often refer to the higher beings, that is, humanly, to God. Is it he who has all the strings in his hand and that’s what he pulls for? Julia thinks that yes…

Most beautiful

Poland / 01:50 / Wiktoria Petryszyn / age: 19

In dreams all is the most beautiful.

Wall up!

Poland / 00:51 / Wojciech Siejak / age: 20

A short animated film showing that the will and pursuit of breaking the walls between ourselves might lead to their actual disappearing. But what then? Are we ready to live together as equals? As people without any differences?

It's not me, it's You

Canada / 03:02 / Zovia Forrest / age: 14

Zavia's black identity is being stolen and bottled into a product. A video poem.

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