35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 7


Ireland / 04:36 / Aaron Tenzin Bradstock / age: 18

A mysterious box appears in a young man’s room.


Poland / 30:00 / Rafał Waraczewski / age: 21

David is angry about world around him. Family, job and lack of prospects putting his life into madness.

Tip of the pen

Poland / 01:08 / Marta Grzegorek / age: 13

Animation in humorous way tells about creative passion and price we’re able to pay for her realization.

Lost Chance

Ukraine / 01:05 / Sofia Volosyuk, Sasha Pasichnyk, Tanya Lysiuk, Karina Trehubenko, Liliia Mosiichuk / age: 14

Lost chance... irrecoverable?

Moment with mom

Poland / 02:09 / Konstancja Taraszka / age: 13

The films tells the story of that family warmth and love cannot be replaced.

The most important medicines

Ukraine / 02:00 / Antonina Menczuk / age: 15

The best medicines are smiles and embraces.

Small test

Poland / 01:15 / Klara Zimnowłodzka

Fear has big eyes and not always escape the best out of the situation.

The Legend of the Lake in Grodno

Poland / 04:16 / Grupa projektowa „Animacja poklatkowa, czyli zajęcia wprawione w ruch” programu „Równać szanse”

The Legend tell of story about a girl who unfortunately falls in love. The effect of fired by her tears was formed the lake.

The other half

Poland / 07:48 / Olga Bobrownicka-Libchen / age: 17

The movie is about a teenage girl, who dreams about joining the elite group of teenagers. To become a member, she must have brand-name clothes, shoes, etc. She desires it so much, that she resigns from the true friendship. The whole story, relations, emotions are shown from shoes perspective.

What are the waves talking about?

Poland / 02:42 / Mateusz Sylwant

Impression of scouts sailors.

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