35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 6


Poland / 28:04 / Mateusz Buława / age: 22

The young gay has financial trouble, he doesn't have enough money for rent so he finds a sublocker - a girl. The problem is that there is only one bed in apartment. The girl agrees, provided that: a half day in the apartment she is, on the second half he is. Both get to know each other through personal things, food, music, books. Will it meet?

New Life: Ivette Alvarado

Canada / 04:16 / Hediyeh Khodaei / age: 17

Having fled the civil war in El Salvador, Ivette reflects on Canada's role in the refugee crisis and her philosophy on a good life.


Poland / 05:50 / Natasza Parzymies / age: 18

Growing up from the point of view of a toy.


Poland / 00:24 / LXV Liceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi im. Gen. J. Bema w Warszawie, praca zbiorowa pod kierunkiem Anieli Lubienieckiej / age: 16-19

Gray but colourful.

Who we are?

Ireland / 05:02 / Celine McInerney, Liam O'Hanlon / age: 17

We wanted to dive deep into the essence of creativity and esplore the mind of a creator. We answer what it means to be different.


Poland / 00:28 / Zespół Szkół Integracyjnych nr 71 im. E. Bojanowskiego w Warszawie, praca zbiorowa pod kierunkiem Anieli Lubienieckiej / age: 14-16

Same amazing tricks.


Iran / 07:58 / Khorshid Alami, Negar Najafzade / age: 20

She is running. She is astonished. She will be checkmated. She doesn’t escape. She run away.

Extra classes

Poland / 03:48 / Wawrzyniec Turowski / age: 21

A music video in which children and young people are complaining about excess of duties. They are doing it with a sense of humor. Children do what their parents want them to do, so they have classes after classes. But finally, enough is enough.

Be a step ahead of me

Poland / 02:47 / Szymon Boiński, Bartłomiej Lefanowicz / age: 15

Documentary film, created by second class of elementary school. The film tells about work of the instructor of spatial orientation – Mrs. Mariola Łygas. It also shows the everyday life of blind person.


Poland / 07:09 / uczniowie ZSS nr 102 w Poznaniu pod opieką artystyczną reżysera I. Molodeckiego / age: 16-18

The film „Important” is a children’s interpretation of a Mezo and Kasia Wilk’s hit song of the same title. Made as a music video, it is made of short drama scenes sharing one element, a red ballon, which symbolizes cheerfulness, kindness and helpfulness towards others – the values that are so important in our lives. Music video.

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