35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 6

The meadow

Maja Tekielak / 7 / Poland / 00:20

The story of a bee flying over the meadow.

The Pilot

Daniel Le Hai / 20 / Poland / 15:00

The story of a lonely girl who witnesses a plane crash during World War II. Soon, the main character begins to fear for her own life. Feature film.

But only hope

Hanna Kilińska / 21 / Poland / 06:00

Henryk has been living in a homeless shelter for the last three years. He dreams about winning the National Lotery to be able to leave and find his daughter.


John Farrelly / 18 / Ireland / 14:59

A teenage boy, Matthew, suspect there is something not quite right with his live. He investigates to get answers.

The Dam

Natalia Koniarz / 22 / Poland / 22:40

The son takes Father on a journey. They go to the mountain loneliness, a place where they once built a forester's lodge. Surrounded by harsh nature, they jointly face their own weaknesses.

Magical Dream

Gabrysia Lutowska (Centrum Kultury Wrocłąw Zachód) / 10 / Poland / 01:35

Impression: sleeping girl dreams of disco.

The rocket cat

Nataniel Sala (Multicentrum, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna Biała Podlaska) / 13 / Poland / 00:21

The adventure of cat`s space flight.

The Magic Flower

Helena Sacharuk (Multicentrum, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna Biała Podlaska) / 7 / Poland / 00:27

The story of flourishing the magic flover.

Fun of cats

Lena Wojtaś / 6 / Poland / 00:50

The best fun...

The Family

Maria Szerszeń / 19 / Poland / 02:00

The movie tells us about a family from the perspective of the youngest member. It shows us the relations between the family members, their memories and the value of the family.


Julia Orlik / 22 / Poland / 03:50

The Main character is at a banquet but he cant help the feeling that he doesen t fit in there. In order not to make it too apparent, he starts to mine what other guests do.


Konstancja Taraszka / 14 / Poland / 01:22

The film tells the story of what happens when we go into the reading.

The War

Kinga Wójtowicz / 19 / Polska / 00:21

Animation giving a shivering picture of war.

Spectrum of photography

Hubert Zatorski / 21 / Poland / 05:38

Short document about Karina Lisiecka and her hobby about urban axploring and photography.

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