35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 5

Persevering & Persistence - Looking Back: Rosa Brand-Canadas

Canada / 03:46 / Ayan Ismail / age: 20

I am proud to call myself a refugee'. Just as Rosa fought injustice in El Salvador, so she does here, dedicating herself to supporting single mothers fleeing violence in their homes and inspiring the community through radical salsa.

Revenge of the Gaduła's Commissioner

Poland / 14:02 / Podopieczni Grupy Animacji Społecznej Rezerwat w Poznaniu, pod opieką artystyczną reżysera J. Filipiaka / age: 13-21

The film is a sequel of „CSI Wilda” made by the kids earlier. It presents further adventures of the young heroes, who this time get mixed up in a drug sindle. Crime comedy.

Ducks Revenge

Poland / 01:05 / Maja Tysiecka / age: 15

Alone it is difficult to cope with the enemy, but the group is a child's play.


Ukraine / 00:36 / Ilia Grochowski / age: 13

The cat comes down from mountains on the sleigh.

We can!

Poland / 04:04 / Uczniowie ZSzOI nr 2 Szkoły Podstawowej nr 78 w Poznaniu / age: 9-10

Three pupils of primary school have many activities – tense schedule of the day. Their reactions are different. At school there are only duties. But one day something unusual happens.

Take care of the forest

Ukraine / 04:04 / Bohdana Mikuliak / age: 8

The animals lived well in the forest until the woodcutter came.


Canada / 03:36 / Brennen Little, Brenna Francis, Tao Werner, Avery Stefanson, Mackenzie Francis / age: 14-18

In this bold and surreal short, three young people struggle to navigate their particular versions of oppression. This film was made during the Invention Summer Film Camp at Hollyhock Learning and Retreat Centre on Cortes Island, BC where a diverse mix of 30 young people and fifteen artist mentors came together to create six short films addressing some of the most pressing concerns facing young people today.


Poland / 08:51 / Tomasz Kurlej / age: 19

Short confrontation with your own mind.

Die Lichtung

Germany / 03:03 / Paula Wittich / age: 17

Man's life - it's a small glade in a big forest of life...


Poland / 02:17 / Julia Stępień, Marysia Wałecka / age: 15

Known poem otherwise.


Poland / 07:24 / Yuliia Pomorova / age: 21

Young boy is waiting for his girlfriend’s visit. This is the first meeting since he get known about the girl’s illness. How will they handle this situation? Suddenly they are alone with each other and ordinary tea becomes the most delicious in the world. Nothing but the moment does not matter to them.

Life is beautiful

Poland / 04:48 / Monika Mocarska / age: 16

When he was a child he was shy. His current personality in connected with Polish historic events. „God gave me a gift” – says 96-year-old Tadeusz Grabowski. Film is a story of self-taught luthnier from the Wizna. Although a lot of difficulties during his life, he has been able to continue his passion until today.

Mr. Stasiu

Poland / 04:08 / Wawrzyniec Turowski / age: 21

A short documentary film about Stanislaw Wisniewski who, despite his age, is socially and culturally active. With smile on his face, he runs art. classes for young people from Rypin. During his classes he tries to paint something, but the classes are interrupted by a ringing mobile phone.

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