35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 4


Poland / 05:03 / Natalia Parzymies / age: 18

A love letter to the city of Warsaw.

Hot Chocolate

Germany / 01:20 / Friedrich Kießling / age: 19

Yummy chocolate!


Poland / 02:25 / Wojtek Sztrekier / age: 9

Triptych is the three film impressions to Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówny’s poems.


Ireland / 14:56 / Julia Twamley / age: 17

A homeless man’s routine is disrupted when he finds a runaway teenager with an alternate attitude on how best to live life.

Horseback and in the spurs

Poland / 01:41 / Natalia Paluch, Mateusz Sylwant, Maria Kulisz, Sandra Szczucińska / age: 13

At heart, we all have the makings of a knight.


Poland / 07:36 / Jędrzej Górski / age: 19

Psychological LGBT movie in a dark style. Story of a boy who has tackle with his sexuality.


Canada / 02:16 / Cassady Morgan / age: 15

Cassady is a young black gril, with many dreams.

People of the Silk Factory

Poland / 17:35 / Bartosz Krupa / age: 20

Silk factory in Milanówek was, as people say, „a colourful accent” in greyness of PRL times. Behind the success of the only silk factory in Poland there are people who dedicated their lives. Not only did they have artistic talents, but also unusual passion and commitment. This film is a tribute to them.

Unknown Sender

Ireland / 03:46 / Jonathan Connolly / age: 17

Girl receives snapchats from unknown sender, which unsettles her.

Red Rectangle

Poland / 02:06 / Aleksandra Demianiuk / age: 19

At some point in the life of a person comes the time of death, parting, escape, mask. This is red rectangle.

Jesteśmy wszędzie

Poland / 00:30 / Konrad Puchalski / age: 17

The word is constantly changing. It depends only on us if we will keep on moving.

Like, don't like

Poland / 04:40 / Julia Polkowska / age: 16

Experiment film about positiv and negativ feeling to every days pictures of life…

Late night skills

Poland / 01:25 / Maja Orłowska / age: 18

Late Night Stills is a film adaptation of Julian Tuwim’s poem of the same title.

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