35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 4


Dzagaviti Szpilka / 18 / Poland / 00:48

Film about gay community, made for photobook, as a trailer or music video.


Natasza Parzymies / 19 / Poland / 01:55

Conversation - a truly Polish love story.

Characters of Poland – Blinds sailors from See the Sea Fundation

Marcin Grochowski (IgnaśTV Team) / 21 / Poland / 06:42

The report is about fundation which organises cruises for blind and alost blind sailors. Film`s main character is blind sailor and shanty-man, who has started at the sea regatta. The shooting were realised durning a cruise at Gdańsk Bay. The film has translations to other languages and it`s more avaiable for blind people, thanks to lector who read texts instead of subtitles.


Marta Krunić / 13 / Croatia / 11:34

Martin is a boy who lives in a small village near Kutina. The beginning of the film follows his search for a pair of glasses from outer space. He finds them and uses them at school to do well at tests and examinations. Somewhere between dreams and reality, in a dimension unknown to man, a dimension on the verge of shadows, a girl enters his life. Her name is Zoe. They fall in love. Due to its abstract nature, the film is multi-dimensional, allowing for an individual interpretation of the story, particularly its ending. It is atmospheric, detail-oriented and full of fairy tale elements.

Peace around the world

Alina Nalbat, Mariia Lieonhardt, Oleksii Vovenko / 13-14 / Ukraine / 02:56

Life is the most important thing that a person has. It is given to people once. Every moments valuable and unique. We must life, create, love! And everyone knows that in the world there is nothing more terrible and appalling that a war, that takes away human lives and brings nothing but misfortune and destruction. Why do people fight then?! Humanity, stop and think, realize and correct yourself! Otherwise, it may be to late!

Hey Jack

Laura Barley-Tyler, Chole Tran / 10-11 / Australia / 04:35

Tu będzie opis.


Sean Treacy / 13 / Ireland / 13:46

When two kids from different backgrounds are forced to spend an uncomfortable amount of time together, they realise how little it takes to become the best of friends.

Dwarf's story

Róża Wójcicka (Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód) / 13 / Poland / 01:18

The dwarf tells his grandson about friendship with the mouse, who, after biting the injection, released him from the trap.

Julia and Julia

Podopieczni Stowarzyszenia Pomocy Dzieciom i Rodzinom w Poznaniu / 15-18 / Poland / 21:11

The film was made at film workshops by the pupils of Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Rodzinom Amici in Poznań.


Sonya Tashevskaya / 18 / Russia / 01:15

Tu będzie opis.


Dominika Bulicz / 19 / Poland / 01:11

A story about an inquisitive cat who has got into trouble through his greed. Animation made using plasticine.


Hanna Kilińska / 21 / Poland / 04:30

An old man appears in the centre of a modern city. He sets on a long journey to find the lost love of his live.

White and Red

Legnickie Centrum Kultury – praca zbiorowa dzieci / 10-12 / Poland / 01:31

The painted image of the country that took them was the national colors. His flag, the emblem.

The young hens

Paulina Borowska (Multicentrum, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna Biała Podlaska) / 8 / Poland / 00:26

The history of birth in the young hens family.

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