35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 3

That's Life

Poland / 11:59 / Podopieczni Ośrodka Szkolno-Wychowawczego dla Dzieci Niesłyszących w Poznaniu pod opieką artystyczną reżysera M. Haremskiego / age: 17-21

Movie from the workshop of the 22nd Wielka Przygoda z Filmem w Centrum Sztuki Dziecka in Poznań.

A short tour of Warsaw

Poland / 01:35 / Łukasz Kulesza / age: 18

Film showing the beautiful face of Warsaw.


Ireland / 08:47 / Rachel McGill / age: 19

An Irish boy Paddy and a Syrian girl Aamira live in a housing estate in inner city Dublin. Amiras family live beside Paddys family. We see the lives of both families on christmas; the racism and fear amongst the parents and the innocence between the children, shining hope on a world where fear and racism exist.


Poland / 01:20 / Zosia Gizicka / age: 13

Wrocław, a film story about how the Wroclaw’s dwarfs came from and why they are spread all over the city.

Mrs. Rena of the Angels

Poland / 10:29 / Aleksandra Folczak / age: 20

The story of a unique family of Rena. She is battling a serious illness, but her passion for teaching English and her love for her pet keep her alive. Aware of the end approaching, she stillis filled with warmth, courage and optimism that are contagious.

Uh, Adventure! Blue hare

Ukraine / 02:09 / Jaroslava Skliar, Polina Golovaczeva / age: 10-13

Two friends - a cat and a dog, unexpectedly receive a letter from their friend the hare and adventures begin...


Spain / 01:51 / Roberto Valle / age: 21

It’s ten o’clock. A family sit down at the table. It’s dinner time.


Poland / 15:00 / Natalia Lemańska, Mateusz Romanowski / age: 19

Project ‘fEUture’ has to discover true nature of criticizm adressed to EU, check, if her young citizens still believe in the power of integration. Reportage from the trip across member countries of EU, which is presenting look of met young Europeans in the need of integration among Old Continent’s countries.

A magic basket

Poland / 00:59 / Hanna Sieradzka / age: 10

It would be useful to have a magic basket, which would recover what we destroy as a result of our ill-considered decisions.

Bad Dog

Poland / 01:02 / Jakub Kamień, Szymon Bańczak pod kierunkiem Roberta Turło (wraz z grupą animatorów działających na warsztatach animacji w CKIS w Tczewie) / age: 12

It would be useful to have such a basket that would recover what we destroy as a result of our ill-considered decisions.

The Mime

Poland / 09:19 / Konrad Mówiński / age: 18

The Outsider tries to communicate verbally with other students – mimes of our time, who are absent in the real world, because they are trapped in virtual one.

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