35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 3

Personal Frame

Maksymilian Rzontkowski / 19 / Poland / 02:10

The young man is accused of stealing the frame.

Open season

Helena Stańczyk / 17 / Poland / 02:24

Film made in the technique of puppet stop motion animation. Animation tells the story of a hunter who sets out to hunt, but it will not be a typical day in the forest for him. This animation shows what is the place of a man in nature.


Natasza Parzymies / 19 / Poland / 02:21

Control - an accidental reunion after years brings back emotional memories.

50 Years at Domeyko's Walls

Gabriela Grzelak (Ignaś TV Team) / 15 / Poland / 13:34

The film movies viwer to 2043. The journey trough fifty years of 3 Ignacy Domeyko`s Schools history is showed by students` perspective. They visit school`s basement to find old chronicles, tapes, photos and posters. They watch old recordings, look for more informations, look over notebooks, resd jurnals and discover secrets.

Life after Stage

Karina Karimova, Kseniia Zhukova / 14-15 / Ukraine / 04:36

This film is dedicated to elderly people, whom we will once be. We all, that is, each of us, all without exception, pass the long way of life. But we do not often think that there is loneliness in the world. When a person, who very successful in his previous life, suddenly falls out of society and everyone forgets him. This is our story. The audience will get acquainted with the House of Veterans of the Stage and with its inhabitants. Once these people were famous actors and actresses, but now they are alone and homeless. By this short film we try to persuade the audience not to leave old people in their loneliness.


Oleksandra Zaikina, Oleksandra Rakova / 13 / Ukraine / 00:59

Animals in the circus – is it good or bad? At first glance, it may seem to many viewers that on the arena the beasts rejoice and frolic, play and have fun. And now, dear people, imagine at least one minute that you are stuck in a close elevator without a call button for your entire live. And only in a few hours you are taken to the floor to walk. Would enjoy such an existence? We think that the answer is obvious!


Donal Cotter / 16 / Ireland / 03:20

An old Celtic warrior, driven by grief, makes one last, lonely journey to the burial place of his ancestors, where he hopes to resurrect his only son.

Irenka - the Witch

Ala Poniatowska (Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód) / 10 / Poland / 01:02

The little witch Irenka rescues a mermaid tangled in fishing nets.


Paweł Zieliński / 19 / Poland / 11:00

A man and his inner struggle.

Underground City

Praca zbiorowa dzieci i młodzieży pod kierunkiem Joanny Polak / 6-14 / Poland / 07:30

Animation "The underground city" was created as part of the festival "Zaczarowany Lublin – Spotkania z Opowiadaczami Świata".

Green Heads

Podopieczni Ośrodka Kuratorskiego nr 3 przy Sądzie Rejonowym Poznań Stare-Miasto / 16-18 / Poland / 17:27

The film was made at film workshops by the pupils of Ośrodek Kuratorski Nr 3 przy Sądzie Rejonowym in Poznań Stare-Miasto.

In touch

Aleksandra Maximova / 18 / Russia / 01:56

And why are these nerves?...

The Fly

Alicja Nowicka / 18 / Polska / 00:21

Minimalist film form with a fly in the lead role.

Follow the football trough Europe

Ignacy Gawrysiak, Wiktor Gawrysiak / 8-11 / Poland / 02:02

When the dog steals the ball from you, and you, chasing him, run trough the whole Europe!

Film Problems

Mikołaj Kosnowicz / 11 / Poland / 01:50

The main character of the film walks in the park. Unexpectedly, he faces a door with the word Films, and from that moment starts his.... Film Problems!

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