35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 2

Edward Oudzi

Canada / 04:00 / Julian Behrens, McKenzie Barney, Teyanna Kochon, Harish Cassie / age: 13-17

Edward is an elder who teaches young people how to make drums, catch traditional foods and live on the land. He has some harrowing stories from trapping in his own youth, too. This film was produced in Norman Wells, NT in a youth and elders intergenerational video program.

# 10 Llamas

Poland / 05:38 / Praca zbiorowa koordynowana przez Stowarzyszenie Opolskie Lamy / age: 7-14

This animation was made during 10th edition of animation workshops Lamki with Monika Kuczyniecka. Participants – 7-14 years old children – were working in groups and they created the story about adventures of ten funny llams.

Grandma Dorota

Poland / 10:01 / Agnieszka Gasiorek / age: 21

Documentary short film about my grandmother, which was deported to Siberia in 1950. The film explores how this tragic event has affected on her life and her further identity. But also how it has affected on me – her granddaughter.

Taste of love

Austria / 04:28 / Paul Scheufer / age: 19

„What is the taste of love”? Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty? A girl embarks on an aromatic journey of love, stimulating her taste buds to the point of climax. With all senses, she explores the various forms love can take on. „Love is as diverse as our sense of taste”.


Poland / 07:51 / Stanisław Herjan / age: 17

Bruno, completely bored with life, starts stalking his young neighbour. He quickly notices the monotonny and repetitiveness of her reality. Convinced of the pointlessness of her existence, he decides to kill her.

I like you!

United Kingdom / 02:57 / Frantisek Sverha / age: 20

Love is a beautiful emotion. Mainly if you both feel the same. Or not?

Seven cigarettes away from home

Switzerland / 13:41 / Lucy Betulins / age: 19

Lexa is 16 years old, at least finished with school. She had 1000 ideas of what she like to do now. But which choice will make her really happy. She wont on a journey to find her place in the word and herself at least.

At sea

Ireland / 13:36 / Pippa Molony / age: 16

Maggie is your average Irish teenager. One night she goes to a party with her school friends, Natalie and Cara. Natalie’s crush, Michael, and his friends go too- eager to have a good time. Caught up in it all, Maggie drinks a little too much and looses control. A drunk mind speaks a sober heart…right?

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