35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 1


Poland / 03:00 / Rafał Waraczewski / age: 21

Experimental movie focusing on psychology of a young sportsman.

Why not proper to eat at the cinema?

Poland / 02:36 / Praca zbiorowa pod kierunkiem Moniki Kuczynieckiej

Film is made in time-lapse shots technique, using play-dough. It presents, in a humorous and light manner, some arguments against eating in a cinema. Funny and sometimes absurd takes are accompanied by comments made by pres-school children, who perceptively remark on damaging effects of so-called „gastro-screenings”.


Poland / 01:00 / Zespół Szkół nr 31 im. J. Kilińskiego Żoliborz, praca zbiorowa pod kierunkiem Anieli Lubienieckiej / age: 16-19

A lot of fil in Circus.

Untitled story about a cactus

Poland / 01:44 / Maksymilian Rzontkowski / age: 18

Cactus wants to fulfill his the biggest dream - to buy a balloon. But it's not that easy...


Canada / 02:35 / Faith Pare / age: 18

Courier of a colonial legacy, historical orphan, skin that can not be classified: a video poem about identity and blackness. .

Achtung Feuer

Ukraine / 01:35 / Max Isaev, Max Lysiuk / age: 14

Fire is a dangerous thing.


Poland / 10:50 / Mateusz Wyszogrodzki / age: 19

One block of flats situated at one of the Warsaw’s districts is more populated than some villages. It’s a speechless withess of many changes in polish society.

The Labyrinth

Poland / 04:30 / Anastasia Vodianko / age: 20

Asaf Avidan's song "The labyrinth song" became the basis of the animation script, and I tried to give it the maximum of author's character. The main motif of the labyrinth was particularly important to me.

The Real Samurai

Ukraine / 06:59 / Daniela Karelskaya / age: 21

The comic silent movie about a cowardly guy who decided to become a samurai, but his mother is against such decision. Which final will have his decision?


Ireland / 06:27 / Paul Gleeson and Tallaght Young Filmmakers / age: 16

A girl wakes up in a dark room with no idea how she got there. Can she escape and hass he been here before?


Poland / 04:45 / Marta Grzegorek / age: 16

Aviator is a poetic movie about the power of dreams.


Ireland / 11:25 / Matthew McGuigan / age: 19

Two distant brothers are forced to reconnect following a dramatic change in their lives.

The arrow of destiny

Poland / 08:01 / Katarzyna Lewek / age: 17

Young bachelor, beautiful girl. He’s a Prince, she’s just a normal peasant woman. Can love overcome obstacles „not to overcome”? There is a beautiful fairytale about true selfless love, which always wins.

Daily Routine

Poland / 02:19 / Tomasz Kurlej / age: 19

Short description of our daily routine.

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