35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 1

Forged Plastic

Michał Krajewski / 21 / Poland / 08:46

A cowboy is trying to find out about his past that is harassing him.

Empty forest

Alex Czubun / 22 / Poland / 04:59

A young girl feels bad about not being in the right place for themselves. Life gives her the opportunity to change it.


Natasza Parzymies / 19 / Poland / 04:40

Nightingale - one look can change so much, a story about the choices we make in our lives.

Domeyko for Poles in Lithuania – report

Gabriela Grzelak (IgnaśTV Team) / 15 / Poland / 02:59

Members of School Television IgnaśTV – students and graduates of CXXII High School – collected 1134 Polish books which valued was 15 832 PLN and took them to Vilnius. They gave all of them to two organizations of Poles who live in Lithuania. 10 partners have joined to the action.


Anselm Mende / 16 / Germany / 04:00

Secrets of gravity...

Grandma`s Gift

Kinae Edwards, Chole French, Amity Hutton, Lilly Lacey / 10-11 / Australia / 02:31

Jasmine Hanson's grandma is very special.

Cat Tube

Magda Sieradzka / 15 / Poland / 01:24

Cats go their own ways. Is it always?


Oliwia Łukasiewicz, Nikola Marcinkowska, Agata Michalak, Marta Wiśniewska, Marysia Wiśniewska / 14 / Poland / 02:03

How Margarita was created...


Hanna Kilińska / 21 / Polska / 11:00

The protagonist of the threshold of adulthood has to face friends, who try to impose their views to him.

The day of cat's live

Jakub Dolata, Marcel Łukasiewicz, Eryk Wermajster / 9-10 / Poland / 01:17

An extraordinary cat's adventure during one of his days.

Targed Earth

Kamil Janko / 21 / Poland / 11:16

The story began when humans learnt how to control fire. The first of them arrived then. In the beginning, humans treated them as gods but in time for reasons unknown they disappeared, or so we thought. We knew they had lived among us for thousands of years but how could we ever be prepared for what was about to happen. Short LEGO sci-fi stop-motion animation about alien invasion on planet Earth.

Concert season, concert 1

Sylwia Szement, Klaudia Krawczyk, Natalia Batte / Poland / 00:44

Tu będzie opis.

Something missing

Alexandra Sviridova / 18 / Russia / 01:47

Tu będzie opis.


Team work of children and teenagers / 10-17 / Poland / 03:40

The plot is about how we cannot notice little-great things in our everyday routine.


Jan Gruszka / 21 / Poland / 04:40

A short comedy – story about two hooligans rescuing a stroller from danger.

Without Obstacles

Wiktoria Chrebor,Bartosz Buchwald, Natalia Wróbel, Eryka Wolna, Piotr Foltyniewicz / 10-15 / Poland / 01:38

How much can you sacrifice for love? The hero of our film proves that a lot.

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